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vermont branding photography

Branding & Commercial Photography

Whatever your branding goals are, we want to be there to help you achieve them!

Are you exhausted from attempting to handle your business photos yourself? Do you need strategic and unified brand photos that effectively convey your narrative?

You've established a business that brings you joy.

But there's a barrier preventing you from elevating your business.

Your ideal clients are waiting, and you're prepared to engage and assist them.

You don’t need more stock photos or better iPhone photos of your business to help you stand out. 


As a fellow small business owner, I too know the importance of needing bold and concise imagery.


We will work in collaboration with each other to create imagery that is authentic to you and tells the story of your brand while positioning you  as a leader in your field of expertise.

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Snag our Owl's Iris Photography Branding Checklist Freebie for your shoot! Get insider info on how to have an amazing shoot!

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Barbee proved to be a talented and intuitive photographer and a very easy person to work with. 


I had never worked with a photographer before so I didn't know how to communicate what I was looking for in product photography of my jewelry, and I feared my inability to communicate my needs would lead to being disappointed with the results.  But Barbee hit it out of the park.  She picked up on all the little details, intuited my aesthetic from materials, props, and past content, and styled the jewelry well without direction.


Barbee even made a cute little GIF as a bonus, which we had never talked about.  Barbee was a great communicator, super professional, and really chill. She was adamant that she wanted feedback and wanted to do whatever she could to make sure I was happy. I had no feedback, her work was perfect. Work with her!

- Christine,

owner of Tender Warrior Co.

We want to inspire you to take the plunge and show your potential clients how authentically you and unique you are to work with!

Professional Photography is one of the most invaluable investments you can make for your business. Chances are, your potential clients are going to find you online before contacting you.  Having clear and concise imagery in your online presence will set you apart from the rest of the crowd.   And did we mention it's a tax deductible business expense??

vermont branding photography


Annual Branding Subscription Packages

 VIP Branding Subscriptions are annual packages for those businesses that need a little more, have multiple product launches throughout the year, and who need and want those fresh and professional images all year around!

To get in idea of how INCREDIBLE these packages are, here’s a peek at what’s inside Owl’s Iris’ most EPIC Annual Subscription Package:

  • unlimited number of photos returned for each session 

  • up to 24 hours total shooting time over a 12 month period

  • 60 Second Promotional Video

  • Headshots for you + up to 10 team members

  • priority booking

  • priority editing + photo delivery

  • sneak peek just days after the shoot

  • exclusive proofing gallery where you get to choose your images for final editing

  • one-on-one 45 minute brand "deep dive"

  • in-depth planning session for each photoshoot

  • location scouting to make sure we have the best location to showcase your brand

  • new headshots for you, the VIP and up to 6 team members

  • access to our "VIP Branding Planning Guide"

  • year-long support with 24/7 access to Owl's Iris via Voxer

  • commercial licensing rights for your website, social media, and marketing needs

Work with us for an entire year!

In a sea of exponentially growing businesses, your online presence is going to have to set you apart to stand out amongst the rest of the pack.

My commitment to you is to translate the quality of work or service that you provide to quality photography and videography that hooks your audience so they won't let go. I will make you, your brand, + your products SHINE! And what's a better way to do that than to lock me down as your photographer-on-retainer for an ENTIRE YEAR!

My goal is to help businesses make a lasting impact in this exciting and fast-growing industry. With 15+ years of experience in the photography industry, I will showcase your business in all the right ways! Best part of all, these services are totally tax-deductible, and you can write them off come tax season, win-win! And if you pay in full, you get a whopping $500 off any VIP subscription package!

I will work with you each and every step of the way to ensure you are getting exactly what you want, and your needs are being met. Collaboration is one of my favorite parts of working as a photographer, and it's important to me to have you in on the creative process.

How a Branding Session Works

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Let's talk about your branding needs!


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