Updated 5/28/2020


Gatherings in VT can now include up to 25 people.


Updated 5/15


Hello, you beautiful humans!


I  just wanted to drop in and create a dedicated page to all things covid-19.  This pandemic has totally knocked the socks of the world and created some interesting snags and roadblocks for sure.  That being said, we are all in this together, and it’s going to be alright.  I really want to be able to work with you, whether that is in 2020 or next year, whether it’s a larger wedding or an elopement.  We got this!


I wanted to step forward and make sure that you feel comfortable and also knowledgeable about the steps I am taking as a photographer to be safe, but also answer any questions that you may have or will have in the future.  With new mandates and orders being lifted everyday, I wanted to present as much information as I know now, and will update this when new information is presented.  


To my couples who have already chosen to reschedule/postpone your weddings:  my heart goes out to you.  It takes a lot to plan a wedding oncve, let alone trying to plan it twice; coordinating all your vendors is no easy task, and I'm just happy that we were all able to find a date that works. And it will be an amazing, incredible, party!  


To  couples who may still be thinking about what to do, hopefully some of this information helps ease any nerves or makes this decision a little easier and less daunting. 


Q: How do I go about postponing my wedding?

A: This is the big one. Once you’ve determined postponing is the best option for you and your guests, I recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Re-read your vendor contracts and familiarize yourself with their rescheduling policies, especially with regards to any rescheduling fees. Many vendors are being flexible on this but it’s a good idea to know what their “in normal times” policy is.

  2. Let your vendors know you’ve decided to postpone your date and ask for their available off-season dates. If you have a planner, reach out to them first as they can manage your other vendors for you.

  3. Assemble your vendors available dates. If there isn’t a date where all of your vendors are available, prioritize your most important vendors and see when their availabilities align.

  4. Confirm a new date ASAP. Lots of 2020 couples are now looking at new wedding dates so it’s in your best interest to lock in a new date as soon as humanly possible. I also have 2021 brides booking at this time as well.  This is a good time to remind you that I am on a first come first serve basis.

  5. Sign and submit a rescheduling contract.

  6. If you can, stick to your original payment due dates. This will help your vendors tremendously! By keeping your original payment due dates, your vendors are able to pay their ongoing monthly bills and afford things like groceries and TP.

Q: What if you aren’t available on my reschedule date or I decide to cancel my wedding? 

A: Please refer to our contract to view terms and conditions. I hate awkward conversations.  I don't know if I know anyone who does.  Unfortunately, those non-refundable retainer fees won’t be refunded. Therefore, this is why I really want to work with you on finding a new date that would work for all of us even if the future is unforeseeable!  I am 100% down on using what you already paid as credits for an elopement or any other future session together.  This can mean future portrait sessions, prints, or even albums. 

Also,  (and I know this is not ideal for many couples) when trying to reschedule your wedding, please consider a Friday or a Sunday wedding in 2021.  Chances are, you will be more likely to keep your vendor team, and some vendors even have reduced prices for non-peaks days or off-season Saturdays.   I am already booked pretty well for prime wedding dates in 2021, (Saturdays May-October), so please try to be flexible as well.  We are all learning and trying to navigate these wavy seas.  


Q: What about rescheduling fees? 

A:  I have also waived all rescheduling fees for 2020 postponements.  2021 rescheduling fees remain in place for 2021 couples.


Q: What will you do to maintain safety? 

A: I am fully stocked with face masks and hand sanitizer.  I will maintain the safe and recommended 6ft from all wedding party and guests.  Sure, it’s not the way I usually work, but we will all adapt together!  I have lenses that can capture beautifully from further away and I have been practicing giving clear and concise verbal cues (as opposed to me physically positioning you and your party).  


Q: What if you get sick?

A:  This question is also answered in our signed contract, but if I should get sick, I will have a replacement photographer shoot your wedding.  They will be someone I trust, who is experienced, and shoot in a similar style.  I will personally handle all the editing, delivery, and prints associated with your wedding package.  Luckily, the Vermont Wedding Photographer network is pretty strong, and we have some *amazing* photographers here!


Q: What will my wedding look like in a covid-19 world?

A: I honestly hadn’t thought about this question until it was brought up in a zoom-meeting with a group of wedding professionals earlier this week.   What has been more on my mind is the logistics of playing Tetris with all my postponing couples to new couples to new inquiries and so many more puzzle pieces to contend with. 

Anywho, this is such an interesting question and when I think about it, it’s hard to really say for sure.  I know that wedding planners are working with the state to figure out specific guidelines as far as what reception halls, ceremony sites, and food-services may be like.  We are still waiting to hear back about specifics for Vermont, so I will have more information for you as soon as I know!

For I think some things to think about are spaced out tables and guests at the ceremony and receptions.  Staff (and potentially guests) wearing masks.  

I usually like to be up close and personal with you all, but since I will have to maintain a safe distance from others, I will adapt how I shoot. I have long lenses and will probably be doing a lot of posing and gesticulating (yes, you can laugh at me when I do this).  And even though you won’t be able to see my smile under my mask, it will be there all day!



I hope this helps a little bit.  Don’t worry, we are all amazing and we will get through this.  Please please reach out if you need anything or just want to chat. I love each and every one of you!

Big Hugs,