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A love note from Victoria & Adam

Barbee was wonderful to work with!!! She made us feel super comfortable and captured each moment naturally and beautifully.

What we have seen so far of her work has far exceeded our expectations! Thanks again!

Let's talk about your Vermont Elopement!

I’m sure you’ve heard the word so many times, but what does “eloping” really mean?


Most people probably think of hitting up Las Vegas or a trip to the local courthouse, just the two of you.  This no doubt can be true, to elope can mean so much more!


Elopements are an opportunity for you to celebrate your love for one another away from it all.

Large weddings are beautiful and amazing, for sure,  but they aren’t for everyone. Maybe you have a super stressful family and the thought of planning a big wedding seems like a nightmare.  Maybe you and your partner don’t like being the center of attention.  Maybe you are wilderness lovers and want to be on an adventure!  Maybe you envision a fun lakeside adventure with a champagne picnic at sunset.  Or maybe you’ve always wanted to be non-traditional and elope! 

Eloping also doesn’t mean it has to be just the two of you.

If you want, you can be surrounded by a small group of close friends or family. Or not. That’s why eloping is so great! YOUR DAY IS YOURS AND IS COMPLETELY UP TO YOU!  Maybe you want it to just be you and your honey.  Maybe you’d love your inner circle to be there.  Have a pup? Can’t leave them out!  No venue telling you you can bring your pooch to the venue, no pressure to invite that relative you haven’t talked to in ages, no stress over seating arrangements.  See?! Talk about freedom! 


Elopement seem to emit this authentic air of intimacy and intention.

In my experience the last 7 years as a wedding photographer, nothing quite gets me like an elopement.  There is something so special, so magical about an elopement.  You really have a chance to curate your wedding day to be exactly how you want it to be without worrying about pleasing everyone or doing things you think you *should* do and not doing the things you want.  The intention becomes so  very clear, which is the union of you two beautiful souls. 

Why not spend it really focusing on each other and the day together?

And with each elopement I shoot, there is just this beautiful sense of intimacy and togetherness. There is nothing else quite like it.

Most people probably think of hitting up Las Vegas or a trip to the local courthouse, just the two of you.  This no doubt can be true, to elope can mean so much more!

Eloping is also better for the environment!

and yes, I am an environmentalist

The amount of waste that is produced is an average of 600LBS per wedding. That is a LOT.  Try to think of how many weddings there are in the US in a year.  Have a guess?  I’ll tell you: It’s 2.5 million.  That’s tons and tons and tons of waste.  Also, think about the amount of fuel it takes to get all the guests and vendors to the venue.   It all adds up.  When you elope, your carbon footprint will just be yours, maybe a few guests, and mine.  Yet the impact would be significant.  Just something to think about if you're a tree hugger like me!

Whatever the reason you’re interested in eloping is, what you’ll get out of the experience is the same across the board. 

No matter how calm or cool your families are, planning a wedding is stressful.  There are a million little details to think and decide on, things to plan, timelines to follow, problems inevitably arise.  Having a large wedding can actually pull the focus of the day  from what should really be being celebrated, and that’s the two of you.  Weddings can sometimes become more of a “guest experience” or even start to seem like an event.  You’ll be thinking about a million things during your wedding day, things that could go wrong, if the decorations are right, if people will show up on time, etc.  When you elope, all you have to think about is each other.  That’s it.  I mean, what else could you really want, anyways? 

Elopement Coverage

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I've got some interesting ideas for your perfect day!


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