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As many of you might know, I took a chance last year. I was working at a "safe" job, decent pay, good resume builder, working in my professional field. But when push came to shove, I just wasn't happy, and honestly hadn't been happy there for a long time. The work environment wasn't what I would call positive, there was zero camaraderie and next to no positive feedback. There was little communication which led to frustration everywhere (let's TALK TO EACH OTHER!) There was also always the threat that you wouldn't have the job the next day looming over your head. We always joked that if we didn't come to work on Monday, we would be safe (people notoriously got let go on Mondays).

But I will cut to the chase. I had a particularly rough week after a series of rough months, and although I was doing what I wanted in my field, I was not happy. So I mustered all the courage I had and gave my notice to my boss (a lovely 3 weeks, I might add). I felt an immediate wash of relief, like I was finally taking control of the way I wanted my life to go and to end an unpleasant situation. I knew I had made the right decision. Later THAT VERY NIGHT, my friend texted me "You should go to Bali", and I had no idea what she was talking about. Her next text just said "Check Facebook". So I went onto Facebook, and saw that I had been t