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Erin & Jim's Lake Champlain Micro-Wedding!

Let's chat about Erin & Jim's more gorgeous Vermont micro wedding at Camp Dudley/ Camp Kiniya last August. Talk about the perfect day! Blue skies, happy people, a happy pup, and a gorgeous and intimate ceremony on Lake Champlain!

Erin was referred to my by my dear friend and continuous client, Chelsea. I have known Chelsea for a long time now and have had the honor of photographing her wedding and now her sweet as can be family. I always love to hear how my clients find me, and it's always the most heart warming feeling when I hear it's been a referral.

Erin and Jim have the inside hook up and were able to get married at Camp Dudley/ Camp Kiniyga (a boys/girls camp) right on Lake Champlain in Colchester. Before their wedding, I knew it existed but never really knew what it was. And it blew my mind. What a place! Lakefront, beautiful grounds, gorgeous wooden cabins, positive vibes! And these two and their families had it all to themselves!

The ceremony started as soon as I got there, and there was just this magnetic energy of happiness, joy, and giddy excitement from EVERYONE! It was like there was this super special secret even that was going down and it was JUST for those who were present. Which is kind of exactly what it was!

After laughs and tears of happiness, we took some portraits in front of Lake Champlain (perfection). They even had some family members "join" the ceremony from their boat out in the water! I mean, it was incredible! We then walked over to one of the gorgeous open lodges for some more snaps! The walk there was nothing short of Epic! I was snapping pics that scream Reservoir Dogs (maybe Tarantino would be proud?). We did some more family photos on the lodge before our time together was up.

Thank you, Erin & Jim and your lovely family, for inviting me to be a part of such a special day!


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