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Audrey & Karina's ADK Wedding

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

A few weeks ago I photographed Audrey & Karina's ADK wedding at the Golden Arrowhead Lakeside Resort in Lake Placid. Right off the main road, I felt transported to place of peace and tranquility once stepping into the lobby and seeing the site of Mirror Lake in front of me.

This wedding was very special in a few ways. One, it was a very small guest list, only about 30 or so people. Everyone was specially chosen to be a part of this event. Next, it was one involving the right to marry to one you love. Audrey & Karina were unable to get married in their home state, as they are a same-sex couple. This journey to New York to tie the knot has a much deeper intent to them, and it made it extra special to be a part of.