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Jen Green Designs: Functional Fashion

When I was approached by Jen, creator and owner of JenGreenDesigns a few weeks ago to photograph her functional bike skirt for the professional women, I was ecstatic. This shoot checked all the boxes for me:

- working with a badass, like minded female entrepreneur

- a product that promotes healthy lifestyle by commuting to work by bike

- a product that also promotes an eco-friendly benefit of one less car on the road

- a product that is both fashionable + functional (win win!)

- I would get to do a photoshoot involving bikes (which has been on my list for a while)

After some trials, roadblocks, and brainstorming where to do the photoshoot (we wanted a more urban feeling to market to city women commuting by bike), we ultimately decided to have our location be the Soda Plant on Pine Street in Burlington, Vermont. We also had use of a gorgeous inside office to change vibes from "commuting" to "working" to demonstrate amazing functionality of these bike-to-work skirts.

Side Bar: I have a rather embarrassing first person account of having a non-fuctional skirt while riding a bike. I was coming back from gettin some groceries wearing a rather flowy, layered skirt (image a cool dready haired hippie chick just riding home from the coop on her vintage sky blue Schwinn). Typically, I could tuck the skirt under my butt and riding wearing the skirt was manageable. On this particular ride, however, it came loose, got stuck in the chain, and literally pulled the skirt off my body. I was downtown in the middle of the day on one of the busiest streets! Luckily, I was able to yank the skirt out from the chain, totally torn and covered in grease and put it back on fairly quickly. I can only image that some people had a great story to tell their friends later!

Anyhow, this story is one of the reasons I am so on board with this bike skirt- women need women making smart and intuitive products like this. Only we can know the woes of women's clothing, the inconsistent sizing, no-pocked (or fake pocket) pants, clothes we want to bike in but just can.

Well this skirt does both of those things, and it does it well. The skirts are also (from Jen's website)

  • Designer quality

  • Machine washable

  • Wrinkle resistant - perfect for travel

  • Colorful lining - just for fun!

  • Designed in Vermont by a small, woman-owned company

So, may I introduce, photos from our Branding Photography shoot with JenGreenDesigns and her bike-to-work skirt!


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