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Laura & Eric's Vermont Elopement!

2020 WAS THE YEAR OF SMALL WEDDINGS AND ELOPEMENTS IN VERMONT, and Laura and Eric's elopement couldn't have been a better way to end the whirlwind of a wedding season that was 2020. Always having planned to elope, Laura and Eric changed their plans a little when the venue that had planned to have their small ceremony tightened their covid policies and shifted gears to having a small backyard affair, courtesy of their dear friend Carl.

You know when you meet someone and you just click? That's how I felt from the first time I chatted with Laura about her elopement. This chick is just smart, sassy, creative, an activist, and truly is here to make this world a better place. In fact, she's an amazing creative, and you should check her work out at That Crafty Bitch. Do it!

When I arrived at the private home where Laura and Eric would be married, I felt right at home and was in awe of the decor. If ever there was a home that has style and ambience, it was this one. I am in love with all things retro, and this placed was suited to this