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Nature is Neat!

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

With more time on my hands, I was truly able to watch spring awaken this year. She definitely took her time, too. But I paid more close attention, learning some things about identifying plants, and got closer.

And I mean literally. With a macro lens. And I pretty much fell in love. I have shot macro in the past, but never with this intention. What I mean is that in the past when I've gone out with my macro lens, it's more been a passenger with me. I wasn't necessarily looking for anything to shoot, but if something struck me I'd head that way.

This is time I went out with the intention to create art. And I think the intention was all that mattered. Nature is art. Science is art. Math is art. WE are art. This experience is us.

Like my photos in my other series, I want my images to make the viewer become immersed in the scene, even if only for a moment. To take you out of your head and put you in the "now" of my images.

I've created a gallery of the images here.

Please feel free to indulges your eyes and see some beauty in the smaller details. And if you are able to and want to support art, all images are available for purchase directly through the website if you see anything that strikes your fancy!

Much love,



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