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Rosie's Confections

Last year, with the legalization of the adult recreational cannabis market on the horizon, I create a new business venture, Royal Highness Media, to cater to this colossal and important industry. Buy with any new business, it takes time to network and let people know you're out there. A lot of cold calling (or cold emailing), even attending, and chatting. But it's the cannabis industry, so everyone is super chill and relaxed and are just so excited to destigmatize this plant that has helped so many people, from cancer patients to those who struggle with anxiety + depression.

I connected with Emma, owner and chocolatier of Rosie's Confections in Winooski Vermont. In addition to make the most insanely delicious chocolates you could ever hope for, she has both a CBD and THC line of chocolates, both of which are simply divine. If you have not gone to check our Rosie's in Winooski, do yourself a favor and run, don't walk! The space is super cute and inviting and they have coffee + espresso as well.

I spent the weekend avoiding the arctic temperatures in Vermont (-45!) and spent the days photographing Rosie's Cannabis Valentines Chocolates and their Cannabis Peanut Butter Cups. It was fun to be back in the studio doing more commercial style work. Not to mention the gorgeous and delicious chocolates I was working with!

Enjoy some shots from the session. Rosie's Cannabis collection can be found in dispensaries around the state.


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