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Shakti Sanctuary

The beginning of 2019 led me halfway around the world, to a land I thought I would never go to, to people I never dreamed of meeting, and places I thought I'd never see. For two weeks, I found myself in Bali with Shakti Sanctuary, a women's empowerment retreat. I was there to photograph this event, one of which I was also participating in, and I was equally excited about both of those things.

Shakti Sanctuary is based out of Northern, Vermont, and run by Kali Bgrant and Alexandra Martin, an amazing team of strong warrior princesses. The way they co-facilitate is amazing; they just seem to compliment each other perfectly, without missing a beat. The experience they hosted was amazing; totally inviting, non-discriminating, open, and safe. There were no assumptions had; we were all there to better ourselves in order to better the world around us. T