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Sometimes the best clients come from...Craigslist!

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

The game of being a wedding photographer can be tricky business these days. There are tons of us professional photographers out there to choose from plus an even greater number of people who have DSLRs and think they are professional photographers and will charge $300 for a wedding while the rest of us deal with people who say we are out of their budget (I'm only being honest and it's true!). That being said, I feel the best client is the one you have, and I'm not opposed to finding those clients wherever I can if the opportunity feels right.

Avery and Rauri's wedding was one of those times. I was perusing the local Vermont Craiglist for any number of things, when I saw an ad for a female photographer wanted for a wedding. As a woman, I immediately felt the draw of this post; as wedding photographers we are invited into spaces where so much intimacy occurs, and I felt the respect of the couple wanting a female photographer specifically when the bride is getting ready.

Having responded to the email, I met with Rauri & Avery a few days later at Scout & Co. in Burlington, and we hit it off immediately! These are my kind of people. Kind, real, honest, and totally in love in the all the right ways. And it was soon settled that I'd be joining them during their wedding ceremony at the #GrandIsleLakeHouse up in the Champlain Islands of Vermont.

Labor Day weekend came, and with it came amazing weather! Cool, sunny, crisp. In my opinion, the perfect weather for a wedding!

Avery got ready with her sister and cousin with her mom and aunt popping in and out. You can just feel how close and tight this family is; they are family and friends.

Before the ceremony, it was first look time, we we did in the bay with views of Mt. Mansfield and Camel's Hump in the distance.

Then, in true wedding fashion, can the ceremony, toasts, and general party time! The food to die for (they cater right on site) while the scenery and company were beyond compare.

It may be cliche to say, but I love and respect the relationships I form with my clients. I feel that when the day is done, we leave friends. I have developed some really strong friendships with past clients and I won't want it any other way. Ruari & Avery are no exception.


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