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Tender Warriors Co.

I recently just wrapped up an awesome photo shoot for Tender Warriors Co. I had such a blast with Christine's thoughtful and beautiful reclaimed jewelry. Her mission to "unf**k the world" in whatever ways she can is inspiring, and reminds us that just by doing a little can go a long way. And if they way you do it is beautifully executed, then more power to you!

I met Christine a bunch of years back when we worked at the same restaurant. I remembering buying these really cool fork earrings from her. I loved them! They were the perfect mix of funky and cool. It's been many years since buying those and slinging food together, and it's been amazing to see how far her concept and work have come since those times.

All her jewelry is made from reclaimed materials, but it's so easy to forget that because they are all such stunning works of art. To me, a lot of her jewelry is like when you're at a concert and the band goes off into this amazing fantastical jam that takes you on a journey. When they make their way back to the original song you're like "Oh snap! I forgot we were even here!". What I'm trying to say, for example, is the way she uses the reclaimed materials will make you forget that they are even reclaimed materials. The Sophie Tine Earrings, for example, are made from fork tines, but they are so beautiful and sophisticated that they are perfect for any occasion. I think that's what I like so much about her work, too. I would feel comfortable wearing many of her pieces to work, a night out with friends, and even more formal events. I dig the versatility.

It's been wonderful to reconnect and to be able provide my creative skills for another fellow creative and emerging womenpreneur. One of the reasons I love living in Burlington, Vermont is the amazing support the people here have for one another. We all want to see each other succeed and grow, and if we can help them do that then we are more than happy to. So check out Tender Warriors Co. and Christine's message, support your local art and economy, and encourage each other in any way you can!


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