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The "Floating Heads" Holiday Cards

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

So this post is about the holidays (remember them? They weren't so long ago) and floating heads. Y'know, the amazing style born in the 80's where you have your portrait and looming above is another head; your head, or a pet's head, whatever!

Will Ferrell representing

I was approached via a Facebook group to have a photoshoot with a couple and their cats. My husband and I did a similarly epic holiday card a few years ago (alas, the image is lost in the doldrums of a broken external hard drive), so I jumped at the chance to create one for some clients. I loaded up my portable lighting studio and sweep into my Subi and headed off to meet Morgan and Jon and their kitties. Morgan had bought amazing hats and sweaters for the cats; this was going to be amazing! We only had a small window to work with since, being cats, they don't like wearing anything. I think all in all we spent maybe 15-20 minutes of actually shooting. It was SO MUCH FUN!

From here, Morgan publicly thanked me via Facebook and things began to spiral out of control... but in a good way! More people wanted "floating heads" holiday cards! The trend was having a resurgence!

Emily, Dave, Alma, & Glory

Behind the Scenes

I think the real takeaway here is that life is crazy enough so let's let ourselves be a little silly and ridiculous from time to time. I LOVED doing these portraits; they were weird, fun, and challenging, and the clients I had were just so incredible!

So if you and your family, friends, pets, etc., want a silly "floating head" photo session, I'm your lady! And we don't have to wait until the holidays; we can be silly any time of the year!


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