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The Lang Family at Shelburne Farms

Before all the madness with covid-19 really busted into our lives with mask wearing and stay at home orders, I had the lovely opportunity of photographing Amy, Josh, and Levon at Shelburne Farms.

I met up with said adorable family on a beauty Saturday morning which now seems like forever ago! Levon is going to be a big brother soon, so the Langs wanted some natural and fun images of their family before the newest addition to the family comes!

Just to be on the safe side, I bought some lenses with a bit longer of a range to maintain a safe social distance. We had a mini-session, which typically last about 30 minutes or so. We took a casual walk from the parking lot up and around, stopping at places to take photographs along the way. You really can't go wrong at a place like Shelburne Farms!