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Hey there! 

I'm Barbee,


 owner of Owl's Iris Photography, a Vermont Wedding and Elopement Photographer located in the magical city of Burlington, Vermont.  


My mission is to provide a sensational service and creative style for my clients through my heart-warming photography.  I will work with you each and  every step of the way to ensure you are getting exactly what you want and your needs are being met. 


Stylistically I  gravitate towards natural settings & candid moments, adding a twist of vibrancy and a whisper of nostalgia to my images.  I want your personalities and bond to shine through my photography.  You are the stars of the show; I am here to creatively witness and capture.


Finally, I feel that in order to create beautiful art for you, you need to know a little about me.  We all shine brighter when we vibrate together.  Here are some things I dig, in no particular order: 

-Beautiful lighting situations

- Backpacking and hiking any and all mountains

- Live music

- Getting twisty with yoga

- Playing my guitar with a cup of coffee in my garden

- My border collie Ranger

- The Grateful Dead

- Riding my bike

-Making curious dystopian collages


-shooting film

-beer (non-discriminating)

-the 1960s

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