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Elise & Brian's Wedding at Camp Wing

How cool is it when you are asked to photograph an old friend's wedding?! IT'S THE COOLEST THING EVER! This is exactly how I felt when Elise, my friend from my high school days back in Olean, New York, hit me up and told me she was engaged and asked me to be the lucky human to capture all the memories! I was elated! I got to use my gift to tell the story of her wedding day. And to see old friends?! Well, I think we can all agree that it is so so so so sweet! Truly something special and I'm so grateful for this!

As long as I've known Elise, she has been super creative, especially when it comes down to fashion. She even made one of my homecoming dresses in high school (I'll try to dig out a photo...but it was hot pink and fun!). But, my point is that Elise took on this wedding as a DIY mountain of greatness! The centerpieces, the bouquets, the barn decor, the signs... all by this talented lady. Like, she could do this for a career. She's that good. She even made ALL THE BAKED GOODS for two days of camp-style-continental breakfasts!!! Mmmm, I'm hungry just thinking about it!

My best trusted assistant and second Shooter Morgan travelled with me down to Camp Wing in Massachusetts (This is pre-covid people! I never promised I was up to date on my blogging!) for the event. We were greeted by a happy group of people outside the campfire and were made right at home in a GIANT room FULL of bunkbeds (ahhh, camp weddings!) before heading back down where I was able to reconnect with some old friends. I can't even describe how special it was. There's just something about seeing a friend from the past, from a place you're no longer really connected to. It brought me back; memories were shared, drinks were drank, and laughs were laughed!!

We got out early the next morning to scout out Camp Wing, which is the coolest camp ever, and such a great spot for a wedding. Just think of the most awesome summer camp and then add old friends, family, an amazing party, and lots of tasty food and booze! IT WAS EPIC!

There was, as I mentioned, a delicious breakfast and morning kick ball game to start the Wedding Day off. I can't really remember who won, but if I had to guess it was Elise's team because she's the bride and the bride is always right on her wedding day (fight me on this one).

While Elise and her ladies were getting ready, I was able to chat with her parents and some high school friends. I loved how integrated every aspect of the wedding was. Hair, makeup (done by my friend from middle school, Stephanie), jewelry, etc. Each part of the wedding had such an intentional connection which was so evident. I always love to integrate myself into conversation during the "getting ready" hours on wedding days, but this time was even more fun because so many of my old friends were there! Just... so freaking cool!

When first look time came, Morgan was ready with Brian in some beautiful woods, sun shining through the leaves. Mmm. So perfect. We did some portraits of the two of them by the cabins, and then orchestrated a series of group shots... they were a huge wedding party, but a PARTY THEY WERE! SO MUCH FUN AND DOWN FOR IT ALL! You could already tell the excited energy was in the air!

Another high school friend, Katie, was the officiant and she CRUSHED it! It was so beautiful, so eloquent, and so special to see two friends in such a beautiful and intimate space. Just another example of how thoughtful and intentional everything was.

There were fabulous introductions. There were amazing dances. There were heartfelt speeches (I always cry). There were tacos, there were copious amounts of hand baked delights for dessert (that Elise made, of course!)! SO MUCH JOY TO BE HAD!!

After my "wedding shift" ended, I joined the party and had a great time (and maybe had a few too many gin-lemonades... Morgan can vouch for this- I owe you one!)! . The part resumed back at the camp where there was a fire, good stories, and some good old campfire singalongs! THE BEST DAY EVER!! The next morning, after a slower start that I would have liked, we said our goodbyes (and hugs hugs hugs!) before Morgan drove my hungover ass home all the way to Vermont (what a friend!). But I think all things considered, it was worth it!

Also, I know this post is like, almost a year and half late, but better late than never, right?! It was written, and that's all the really matters!

Enjoy these photos from Elise and Brian's Camp Wing Wedding!