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(If you should need to) reschedule Your 2021 Wedding

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I figured I would address the elephant in the room....

I honestly didn't want to have to write this post or think I would even have to, but it's a reality we all must face. It's early 2021, and Covid, although we are getting a handle on it, is still here and present in our lives. I've been hearing through the wedding grapevine that some couples are questioning postponing their spring weddings (perhaps for the second time) and wondering how postponing a second time might work.

If postponing for the second time seems discouraging and exhausting (I feel for you!), let's pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and slowwwwwwwlllly let it go. Go ahead... Okay, great job! Here are a few options worth looking into:

  1. Have a small and intimate wedding! I know this may seem like a challenge and may not be what you had envisioned, but it's a great compromise to getting married safely this year. I had many couples in 2020 choose to scale down their guest lists from numbers like 150 to 35, and they were some of my favorite weddings I have ever photographed. People got so creative! Instead of dancing I saw lawn games, a Pictionary-team game that was packed with riddles, giant Jenga and board games, those huge bouncy balls you race on from elementary school. Each one of these weddings was so unique and so fun in their own right. You could tell everyone present felt *so honored* to be there, which made these small weddings so much more magical and memorable. And I have to admit, some of my favorite wedding images I shot from this year involved people wearing masks; there is just something about so curious about it, still!

  2. An Adventure Elopement! What does this mean? Are we going to Vegas? How are we going to spend all day eloping? There is too much for me to say in this post, but you can view everything you need to know about elopements with me here!

BUT if you always have known you wanted your wedding to be a big celebration, then that is what we will do! If you're getting married later in 2021, I would just try to wait and hang tight before making any decisions about postponing again. I did want to take a minute to address any rescheduling questions here with a new postponement policy.

If your booked your wedding in 2019 for 2020 and have already postponed once...

First Option If you would like to postpone your 2021 wedding and I am available for your new 2022 wedding date, the amount of your deposit can be applied to any of my current wedding packages which can be viewed here. The names of my packages have changed, so for your reference: The Epic=Package 1, The Trendy=Package 2, The Essentials=Package 3. My package options have also changed a bit within the past few years, and you might notice that there are some differences in mainly pricing*. You can apply your deposit to a the same package, but will be responsible for paying the difference for 2022 pricing. If you choose this option, there will be no rebooking fee, hooray!

*If there are differences in prints, print credit, and/or album size from your original package to my new packages, I will honor the options from your original contract.

Second Option If you would like to remain at the same budget as you booked in 2019, I can honor the price of your original quote by creating a custom timeline for your day. Please be aware that this will mean slightly less coverage because my prices for packages have increased. In cases of rescheduling, I cannot offer substitutions or swaps. For example, I cannot add coverage in the event you no longer want your prints, wall art, or album. The difference will be changed in the amount of coverage received, which on average, would be an hour or two.

If you choose this second option, there will be a $200 transfer fee to transfer your wedding date to a 2022 wedding date which will be added to your invoice. This fee helps me cover expenses such as assistant raises, inflation, and tax differences. I thank you in advance for your cooperation. 2020 has not been easy for anyone. The Vermont Wedding Industry was hit especially hard and many of us have no had even close to the normal income stream we would in a regular wedding year. And of course, please reach out if this is financially not an option!

If you booked your 2021 wedding in 2020 and need to postpone your wedding for the first time:

I will transfer your deposit and contract over to your new date if I have the date available. The transfer fee is $175 and will be added to your invoice. This fee helps me cover expenses such as assistants' raises, inflation, and tax differences. I appreciate your understanding!

And did I mention those Elopements? Oh, I did already?!

My apologies, I am JUST SO BEYOND excited about these, and have already had a few couples choose this option in lieu of a traditional wedding. Everything you need to know and more is here!

And, finally, let's just all take one more deep breathe and let it out with a nice long sighhhhh.

We will get through this craziness as we navigate yet another wedding season (and hopefully the last) with Covid hangin' around. If you need anything or want to talk through your options, please please please give me a call. We will figure out the perfect solution for you, I promise!




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