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Jessica & Quincy's Lake Champlain Elopement

Vermont. Elopements. Lake Champlain. Cool af clients that are instantly friends. This is how I would describe Jessica & Quincy's elopement Memorial Day weekend in Burlington, Vermont.

I met these two cool cats last fall when I did their engagement photos at Oakledge Park in Burlington. Quincy had childhood memories of fishing with his dad on Lake Champlain, and knew it would be the perfect place to get married. I took them to Oakledge back in November (arguably one of my favorite spots in Burlington for photos) and had a fun (yet windy) time! The two decided to have the ceremony also at Oakledge, coming full circle just a few short months later.

With both moms and their pup, Harper, as guests, it was the most sweet and effortless event. We met up at their Airbnb in South Burlington before heading over to the park. We met up with Carmen George, their lovely officiant and florist. She performed the sweetest ceremony and was such a great addition to the day! We finished the day off with some family photos by the lake, and then some more formal photos of just Jessica & Quincy at my my favorite spot in Oakledge.

There is something so special about elopements, which I'm sure by now I must sound like a broken record. I love the quietness, the intimacy, the chill-nature of the day, yet still full of such incredible anticipation and wedding-day excitement. With all the noise of at wedding day (and the increased noise of the world, it seems), elopements are just such a refreshing breathe of fresh air.

So, without further ado, here are some scenes from J & Q's Lake Champlain elopement!


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