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Matt & Ari's Engagement

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Ah, let's float back to December when I got to meet and photograph two glorious humans, Matt and Ari!

These two cool cats flew into Vermont from LA at the end of last year for their engagement session (Matt is from Stowe). Even without a ton of snow on the ground, we had an amazing sun-soaked afternoon in the gorgeousness that is the quaint town of Stowe, VT.

Matt & Ari found me on line while looking for wedding photographers. I know it is how most people find services they are looking for, but it makes me feel to humbled and grateful when someone who doesn't know me at all reaches out for services. What I mean by this, is that a lot of my business comes from you fine people referring me to other fine folks. It's truly amazing! But to have someone "blindly" find you is *such* a cool feeling and experience, and I'm so glad these two did!

So we set off and had a great time taking photos around Stowe before making our way to Emily's Bridge (you know, the haunted one), and then finally to this beautiful view overlooking Hunger Mountain and the Worcester Mountain Range.

These two had originally planned to get married in June of this year, but are going to postpone until next June when this craziness settles down a little bit. My heart goes out to all those couples who have chosen to cancel or postpone their weddings, as it is not an easy decision to make or re-coordinate with all your vendors, families, guests. I am so happy that I will still be able to work with these two and all their great vendors next year.

Until then, everyone stay healthy and safe, and please don't go outside unless you need to!

Peace, love, & hugs,



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