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Lisa & Calvin's Intimate Elopement

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

I couldn't be more honored and excited to be present at Lisa & Calvin's elopement at the Moose Meadow Lodge in Duxbury, Vermont.

These two attended a farm fresh dinner I photographed at Half Pint Farm at the Intervale last summer. Early this year they contacted me about photographing their elopement at (essentially) the base of Camel's Hump. Mutual friends and a mutual love of organic food and cats made this an easy offer to accept!

They were in charge of every amazing and simply endearing detail; from Lisa's gorgeous blue wedding dress to their faux flower bouquet and boutonnière. The venue, Moose Meadow Lodge, is owed by Greg Trulson & Will Docto, who were so welcoming and accommodating to by myself and the couple. Not to mention it's essentially a tree house lodge in the Green Mountains (what could be more Vermont!).

Watching Lisa & Calvin getting ready together was watching two people who were so comfortable with themselves and being themselves around each other. You could just feel the excited yet calmness that seemed to naturally roll over them. It was a noticeable difference to photographing a full wedding day; there was literally zero stress here. Zero.

Greg is also a Justice of the Peace and led us down to the ceremony, where Lisa & Calvin added some finishing touches to the wood arbor that stands just the base at the treehouse (which yes, you can rent and stay in!) Greg performed a beautifully intimate ceremony and was topped off by Calvin & Lisa's gentle vows.

Post ceremony led us for a photo walk. I told them to just walk about the pond and take in the moment. It was one of those times when everything just felt right with the world; they had taken this next step and had taken it for no one but themselves.

They then humored me and did all the silly things that we ask of you; smile, look at each other, kiss, repeat in some kind of variations. But I was just pretty stoked that they let me try my smoke bomb idea. Not bad for a first try!

Each wedding has something special to offer and teach me, and I don't mean teach in a purely technical or creative way. They teach me different ways to think about things; y'know, big things. Like life. And love. And all of it.


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