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Mud Season Bud Season!

The last few years have found me more immersed in macro photography. It's like when you go snorkeling- there is a whole world under the water that you knew was there but kind of ignored. It's the same thing with macro photography- there is this whole tiny world out there, and once you start looking you can't help but notice all the tiny + incredible things all around you.

Spring is the best time for macro photography in Vermont. Coming out the cold + long winters, everybody is just itching to see some greenery. Watching things slowly emerge from the forest floor is like an exciting treasure hunt! So many small things can happen overnight, after a solid rain, or after some nice "high" temps.

Every morning, I take Ranger to walk in the woods so we get to watch spring unfold each day. (This was something I missed so much last year when I was holed up on the couch with the achilles tear). It's so exciting when something new pops us or I stumble across a patch of wildflowers that I hadn't seen the previous year. And then there are the old familiar spots where I'll find trillium, horsetails, and fiddleheads, plus countless opportunities to explore other parks and trails.

On (some of) these walks, I'll bring along my camera + macro lens. It's been a joy to really get in the dirt + get up close and personal with all these tiny spring plants! The more I do it, the most I just WANT to do it. There's something about being outside, nature as my studio, that really seals the deal.

The real point of these words is to set you up for some current marco shots I've taken this spring thus far (and it's just beginning!). Really excited for when the grape vines reach the trellis and I can photograph the snails again.

Enjoy the snaps!


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