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Our First Ever Branding Mini Sessions in Review!

Back in April, I held my first ever Branding Mini-Sessions series at Casa Collective in the south end of Burlington. Ten lovely entrepreneurs participated for a day of 20-minute "mini" shoots, and we had a blast! It was so amazing to meet so many new business owners in Vermont, and to reconnect with old friends. It felt more like a day of hanging out with friends, old & new, and taking photographs while sharing laughs.

Still very much injured from a torn achilles tendon in February, most of the day was me balancing on one leg, barely using a stool, not using crutches because I needed my hands for my camera and to direct. It was really interesting to realize how much balance is required in portrait photography, even to more the slightest bit to get the perfect angle and composition. I realized that even with this injury, I needed to get down on the floor and move around to get the right vantage point. I was sore for days after, but it was well worth it!

I had so much fun, that I will be making these mini-branding sessions available through the year. Here's a little rundown of what branding mini-sessions are, and who they are perfect for:

Who: Maybe you're starting a new business and need some content. Maybe you’ve been in business for a while but have been using the same images for years and you need a refresher. Maybe your current business is expanding and you need images to promote this new and exciting business venture.

What: A 20 minute photography branding session in a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment. A beautifully handcrafted and edited gallery of 15 images. Exclusive rights to images for the use of your business.

Where: We will be meeting at a location TBD in Burlington. Location will be sent after booking your time slot.

Why: Branding sessions can cost upwards of $1000+, so a mini session is perfect if you're looking to upgrade some images without a total overhaul! If you’re a newer business, chances are your marketing budget is still small, so a mini is for you! Never done a branding shoot before and an all day even scares you? Let’s ease in with a fun and quick 20 minute session that is an investment of only $250 (and over 60% off our full price sessions!) . Did we mention that since this is a business expense it’s tax-deductible?! Even better!

How: Email us at or send us a message on Instagram @owlsirisphoto. Once we get started, you’ll be able to pick your 20 minute time spot.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the April Session:

In fact, we have decided to do an impromptu branding mini session NEXT FRIDAY, MAY 13th! If you're reading this and want in, send us an email and we'll be happy to set you up for a time slot.




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