Commercial Photography

Are you a maker? I absolutely love working with local soloprenuers or small businesses to provide outstanding product images for your online store!

We will have a consultation before the shoot, so I can better understand your products and your vision for your photography.  It makes me so happy to be able to provide exceptional imagery for other small business owners, since I am one myself!


Each product is different, which means it requires different lighting, styling, and care, so each projects is unique!  Styling services are provided by me, and depending on your needs will receive up to 5 images per product.   I will send a few sample images to make sure we are on the same page before moving forward with more images.  I can't wait to create some beautiful images for your one of a kind products! 

"Barbee proved to be a talented and intuitive photographer and a very easy person to work with.  I had never worked with a photographer before so I didn't know how to communicate what I was looking for in product photography of my jewelry, and I feared my inability to communicate my needs would lead to being disappointed with the results.  But Barbee hit it out of the park.  She picked up on all the little details, intuited my aesthetic from materials, props, and past content, and styled the jewelry well without direction. Barbee even made a cute little GIF as a bonus, which we had never talked about.  Barbee was a great communicator, super professional, and really chill. She was adamant that she wanted feedback and wanted to do whatever she could to make sure I was happy. I had no feedback, her work was perfect. Work with her!"

-Christine, owner of Tender Warrior Co.