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Eloping in Vermont: 6 Scenic Spots for those Intimate "I Do's"

Ah, Vermont. A state synonymous with lush rolling hills, charming small towns, and panoramic vistas of colorful foliage. Known for its rich history, incredible artisanal foods, and romantic ambiance, it's no wonder couples are drawn to elope amidst its picturesque backdrop. If you're considering taking the leap in Vermont, here are some breathtaking locations to seal your love story.

1. Lake Champlain Waterfront

Picture this: a serene lakeside setting, gentle waves lapping at the shores, and a panoramic view of the Adirondacks in the distance. Lake Champlain offers this and much more. The lake stretches for over 120 miles between Vermont and New York and offers a plethora of scenic spots perfect for a private ceremony.

Favorite Elopement Spot: Oakledge Park (in the photo above) in Burlington boasts some of the most beautiful sunset views over the lake. Exchange vows at the edge of the water and later toast to your forever with a picnic in the park. There are incredible rock features and so many unique places for photos! I've even had couples arrange for a boho charcuterie picnic for a post-wedding treat!

2. Shelburne Farms: Rustic Elegance

For couples seeking a combination of natural beauty and rustic elegance, Shelburne Farms is an ideal choice. This historic estate, located on the shores of Lake Champlain, encompasses over 1,400 acres of lush landscapes, including rolling hills, manicured gardens (like in the photo of Keith and Michelle), and a stunning shoreline.

At Shelburne Farms, you can exchange your vows in the enchanting flower gardens, overlooking the lake, or in the rustic barn with its warm, inviting ambiance. The estate's timeless charm, combined with its commitment to sustainable practices, creates a magical atmosphere that will make your elopement truly unforgettable.

Favorite Elopement Spot: Coach Barn, Farm Barn or Lakeside. But no matter where you choose, you really cannot go wrong; every which way you look at the Farm is incredible. Or head up over towards the formal gardens (blasting off in July and August!), which is located at the Inn, a once a 19th-century Gilded Age mansion, offers romantic lakeside views and pristine gardens.

3. Atop any mountain

For those with a passion for the outdoors and a desire for a unique and memorable wedding experience, eloping on top of a mountain in Vermont is the dream come true.

With the entire landscape as your canvas, wedding photos taken atop mountains in Vermont are nothing short of breathtaking. The dramatic clouds, the play of light, and the vast landscapes provide an ethereal quality to your photos, capturing moments that are truly once in a lifetime.

For couples keen on reducing their carbon footprint, eloping atop a mountain is a sustainable choice. There's minimal disruption to the environment, and the natural setting requires little in the way of additional decoration.

Favorite Mountain: We hate to play favorites, but we LOVE Mount Mansfield! Not only do you get 360 degree sweeping views, you can opt to drive up the toll road or take the gondola (weather permitting of course) to make it easier for all those wedding props! Camel's Hump comes in at a close second. There is no road to the top of this one, so hoofin' it we will be!

3. A Rustic Farmhouse Airbnb

Among the maple trees and rolling hills of Vermont lies a hidden gem for couples looking to elope: the old farmhouses. Steeped in history and surrounded by nature's beauty, these rustic abodes provide an idyllic and unique setting for an intimate wedding celebration. Let’s delve into the magical allure of eloping in an old farmhouse in Vermont.

Vermont’s old farmhouses are not just buildings; they’re time capsules. With every creaking floorboard and every weathered wooden beam, there’s a story waiting to be told. Choosing such a location for your elopement can seamlessly intertwine your modern love story with tales from the past, lending depth and richness to your union.

Eloping in a farmhouse often means you’re cutting down on costs associated with larger venues, elaborate decor, and other additional charges. Many farmhouses come with their own vintage decorations, from antique furniture to charming barn doors. Moreover, without the constraints of packaged deals, you have the flexibility to truly make the space your own.

3. The Brick House in Shelburne, Vermont

When it comes to eloping in a setting that combines vintage charm with modern romance, The Brick House in Shelburne, Vermont stands out. The allure of its timeless architecture, combined with the natural splendor of Vermont, makes it an idyllic choice for couples seeking an intimate, elegant, and unforgettable elopement experience.

With its classic brick façade, tall windows, and historic interiors, The Brick House is reminiscent of a bygone era. Part of Shelburne Museum bit located on the grounds of Shelburne farms, eloping here feels like stepping into a classic love story, where each brick and beam tells tales of love and commitment from ages past, now adding your story to its chapters.

Vermont is synonymous with natural beauty, and The Brick House is no exception. Its well-manicured gardens, the sprawling trees, and the picturesque landscapes offer a vibrant backdrop that adds a touch of magic to your elopement photographs.

4. Downtown Burlington, Vermont

Burlington's Church Street Marketplace, with its cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and festive string lights, offers a unique urban setting for your special moment. Pose for photos amidst vibrant street murals, or exchange rings in one of the charming alleyways – the city's energy will only amplify the joy of the occasion.

Downtown Burlington is home to an array of venues that cater to elopements. From quaint cafes with vintage feels to upscale restaurants overlooking the lake, and even historic theaters for those seeking a touch of drama, the choices are both varied and intimate.

Eloping in downtown Burlington means you're in the heart of it all. Celebrate post-ceremony with a romantic dinner at a local farm-to-table restaurant, take a moonlit stroll along the waterfront, or enjoy live music at a local jazz bar. The city’s rich cultural scene ensures that the celebrations can continue as long as you desire.

5. Moose Meadow Lodge, Duxbury Vermont

When dreams of an intimate, woodsy elopement beckon, the Moose Meadow Lodge in Duxbury, Vermont, emerges as a pristine choice. This unique venue, with its log cabin charm and panoramic views of the Green Mountains, captures the essence of Vermont's natural beauty, creating a magical setting for couples to embark on their marital journey.

Perched amidst 86 acres of pristine forest, the Moose Meadow Lodge offers couples an intimate sanctuary away from the world. As you exchange vows, you're enveloped by towering trees, serenaded by the whispers of the woods and the distant melodies of local wildlife.

One of the venue's standout features is the majestic treehouse. Overlooking a private pond, this space adds a touch of whimsical enchantment to your elopement. Here, surrounded by treetops and with the world below, couples can experience the unmatched magic of celebrating love on an elevated plane.

The vistas surrounding Moose Meadow Lodge are breathtaking. Whether it's the reflection of the sky in the glistening pond, the rustic charm of the wooden bridge, or the grandeur of the Green Mountains stretching towards the horizon, every backdrop is a photographer's dream, ensuring memories captured are as vivid as the moments lived.

6. Farmhouse Flowers, Moretown Vermont

In the heart of Vermont's picturesque countryside, Farmhouse Flowers in Moretown emerges as a romantic haven for couples seeking a unique elopement experience. Enveloped by the scent of blossoms and the whispers of swaying foliage, this venue marries rustic charm with the elegance of nature. Let's dive into the enchanting allure of eloping at Farmhouse Flowers.

Farmhouse Flowers is not just a venue; it's a blossoming oasis. The abundant floral settings provide an ever-changing, aromatic backdrop for elopements. Whether amid a sea of springtime tulips, sunflower fields in the summer, or surrounded by autumn’s chrysanthemums, every season brings its own version of floral magic.

The serenity of Farmhouse Flowers offers couples a deeply intimate space to exchange vows. Removed from the typical hustle and bustle of larger venues, the farmhouse allows your love story to be the focal point, framed by nature's own artwork.

One of the distinct advantages of eloping at a venue like Farmhouse Flowers is the ability to infuse the ceremony with personalized floral touches. From bespoke bouquets to handpicked flower crowns, couples can weave their unique story through the choice of blooms.

Bonus Tip: Vermont's distinct four seasons each bring their unique charm. Autumn, with its burst of foliage, is a popular choice for its vibrant hues. But don't discount the dreamy snow-covered landscapes of winter, the rejuvenating atmosphere of spring, or the lush vibrancy of summer. Each season carries its magic for those looking to elope.

Eloping is all about intimacy, simplicity, and authenticity. It's about making the moment truly yours. In Vermont, nature serves as an ever-gracious host, rolling out its scenic tapestry as a testament to your love. Whether you're by the lakeside, on a historic farm, or atop a mountain, Vermont ensures an elopement as timeless as your love story.

So what are you waiting for? Send a messae to help you plan your most epic elopement!


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