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How to Stand Out with Brand Photos in 2024

Discover the Power of Personalized Brand Photos in 2024 !

Is this the year you dive into the world of brand photography for your business?

As we embrace advancing artificial intelligence, the essence of authenticity becomes paramount. Now more than ever, people crave genuine connections and resonate with content crafted by real individuals like you!


Brand photos serve as visual ambassadors for your business. These images are the cornerstone of your marketing efforts, showcasing your offerings, products, and services. From captivating headshots to candid lifestyle shots, behind-the-scenes glimpses to product showcases, brand photos encompass a diverse range of visuals.

Brand photos offer a window into your world, revealing more than just a face. In the landscape of 2024, relying solely on business monikers won't suffice. Audiences seek the faces behind the brands, underscoring the significance of cultivating a personal brand identity.

While numerous individuals may operate within your niche, offer similar products, or provide analogous services, your personal brand remains uniquely yours—an unparalleled asset no one can replicate.

Elevate Your Presence with Brand Photography


While headshots form a subset of brand photography, the latter extends beyond mere portraits. While essential for any professional, headshots primarily serve purposes like LinkedIn profiles, social media avatars, or business cards. However, for entrepreneurs and business owners, brand photos offer a deeper level of engagement, fostering swift and meaningful connections with potential clients.


Simply put, if you're in business, YOU NEED BRANDING PHOTOGRAPHY. Whether you temporarily resort to stock imagery (which everyone knows is stock photography) or enlist the expertise of a marketing agency for custom visuals, investing in brand photography is non-negotiable. It's a way to have a seamless visual journey for those pursuing yoru brand, website, and social media channels.

Unleash the Potential of Brand Photography in 2024

Ready to carve your niche, forge genuine connections, and attract your ideal clientele? Let's embark on this journey together. Here's how you can harness the power of bespoke imagery in 2024.

Conduct a Branding Evaluation

Take a moment to scrutinize your brand and business landscape. Is it time for a rebrand? Do you need to refine your target audience or reassess your business strategy? When was the last time you had professional photos taken? Have your offers or products changed? Have you added social media and market outlets? Have your brand demographics and ideal clients shifted Identifying your ideal clientele lays the groundwork for growth and evolution.

Identify Your Photographic Needs

Are you gearing up to launch new products or services this year? When was the last time you refreshed your visual assets? If it's been more than five years, it's high time for an update. Assess whether you require product showcases, action shots, or meticulously crafted visuals for your sales funnel.

Also knowing how and where these images will be used is HUGE. Do you need a new hero image on your website? Do you need vertical images for social media? Square images for online ordering? Knowing your specific photo needs is huge and we can help you identify these needs.

Define Your Ideal Client Persona

Crafting an ideal client persona is pivotal for business success. Reflect on your most cherished client interactions and envision your dream clientele. Understanding your target audience streamlines your marketing efforts, yielding superior outcomes. Try to envision their day to day lives, their values, how they spend their time and money, etc. And remember, you may not be your ideal client!

Engage a Specialized Brand Photographer

For optimal results with your investment in brand photos, consider engaging a photographer specializing in brand photography (like me, wink wink!). While it may be tempting to rely on your family, wedding, or portrait photographer, a brand photographer offers a unique skill set and tailored approach.

Brand photography revolves around strategy and purpose. To capture images that effectively market and promote your business, a well-thought-out plan is essential. Personally, I conduct thorough consultations with my clients to understand their target audience, identify their business's unique selling points, and determine the precise images required to meet their objectives. It takes time to plan these shoots and we won't rush a thing.

Book Your 2024 Brand Photoshoot!

If you've completed the groundwork and are poised to make a splash in 2024, it's time to schedule your brand photoshoot. Embrace the essence of your personal brand, infuse your personality into every frame, and showcase your unique value proposition.

Are you a small business in the Burlington Vermont/New York/New England area?I'd love to collaborate on your brand photography journey in 2024. And have we mentioned today that this is a tax write off? Not only does this offer tax benefits for the current year, but it also ensures your visual assets align with your brand narrative seamlessly.

Ready to Transform Your Brand Narrative through Captivating Visuals?

If you're a small business owner or entrepreneur in the Vermont area, including the ADK, New York, and neighboring regions (what's up NH, ME, and MA?!) , and you're seeking a meticulously planned branding photoshoot, let's connect!

Step 1. Reach Out - Get in touch today

Step 2. Discovery Call - Let's delve into your business vision and discuss your brand photography aspirations

Step 3. Secure Your Slot - If we're a good fit, let's pencil in your session and commence the planning process!!

I cannot wait to hear all about your business and how we can create some stunning and engaging images for you this year!




P.S. Back around month ago, we launched our brand new Annual VIP Subscription Packages , a year long photography subscription so you can stop worrying about what to post or not having enough to post and to show up in your field AS A PROFESSIONAL! The response has been INCREDIBLE and I am LOVING working with my VIP Clients!

Here's a text we got from one of our VIPS after they got a sneak peek of their gallery:

These texts are what I live for! I LOVE teaming up to work with (mainly) female entrepreneurs and the incredible collaboration that follows. Not only that, but I will become to well versed in your brand and business that the photography and images will flow seamlessly. Not to mention I will PUMP YOUR BUSINESS UO on social media! Free Marketing for the win!

So if you're ready to LEVEL UP your business with a year long VIP Annual Subscription Package with Owl's Iris Photography, LET'S GO!


If you've worked with Owl's Iris Photography before, we would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few moments to share your experience with us on Google. Your review will not only help us understand how we're doing but also assist others in their decision-making process when considering our services.



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