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Owl's Iris Photography Perfect Headshots Guide

Here at Owl’s Iris Photography, we know the value and worth of a clean, professional head shots. We want to help share some tips and tricks to help get you feeling ready and confident for your time in front of the lens. We want you to have a good time!

What to Wear

First things first. Check in with your company. Depending on how strict or laid back your company is, they may want to have a say in the presentation of the business.

As far as choosing an outfit, above anything else, we want you to feel comfortable. Headshots are typically from the waist up, but make sure your whole outfit makes sense. This means in your body but also in your head. Wear something that makes you feel confident and unstoppable! Make sure whatever you choose isn’t seasonal and could be worn year-round. Wear solids and avoid patterns if you can. They’re more flattering and less distracting. Jackets and collared shirts are highly recommended. If you wear a black jacket, maybe pair with a white shirt or vise versa- the contrasting colors will make the image stand out.

Make sure to iron or steam clothes if needed. If you have a lint roller, use it the night before (we'll make sure to have one day of shoot of you forget!).

PRO TIP: Large Patterns & Solids = Small Patterns & Graphics =

Don’t go overdo it with hair + make up

Classic hair and makeup will generally work best for headshots. You’ll want to void dramatic colors or heavy applications. As for hair, keep it simple and choose a hairstyle that has worked for you before. Make sure you feel yourself (or even a little fancier!) and comfortable with whatever you chose. We want you to resonate in the photo.


DO NOT wear glasses with “blue light reflectors” or “transition lenses”, as they will ruin your photos. There’s not much we can do about that in production room either. Regular glasses are totally fine and we will be able to remove some glare if needed.

If you are a glasses wearer and are fine to take them off, that is preferable. You have the option to pop in those contacts in for the short duration of the shoot, we recommend this avenue instead.


Make sure to get a good night's sleep the night before the photoshoot. Getting a good night's sleep is going to make sure you're feeling good and refreshed for photos! Try for that whole 8 hours if you can.


Drink plenty of water the day before the shoot. This will help your stay hydrated and your skin looking fresh!

Know What You Like

Look back at past photos of yourself that you’ve liked. Were you wearing a certain color? Did you have a specific hairstyle you really liked? Do you have a favorite side (make sure to tell us!)? If you have a photo of you from the past that you liked – bring them to the session and show me!

Day of: 5-10 minutes before your allotted time

Check Your Hair: Just take a little jaunt to the bathroom and see how your hair is looking, especially if you have an afternoon session and you've been unconsciously fixing it all day . A little water can go a long way if you have some flyaways!

Check For Skin Shine: The flash of the studio strobes can reflect off any sweaty or dry spots, making parts of your face look shiny.

If you have a dry skin, try not to apply lotion to your face within 4 hours before your shoot. If you need to, get your skin extra hydrated the days and week before the shoot

If you’re not wearing makeup, simply splash some cold water on your face and pat dry with a paper towel. You'll be ready AND feel refreshed!

If you are wearing makeup, use a simple powder for any shine. Avoid any shiny lipsticks and avoid lipgloss altogether.

Check Your Glasses: Check your classes for dirt, fingerprints and dust spots- give them a light wipe down. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR “transition lenses”, as they will look like sunglasses in your photo. There is not much we can do in post to correct this.

Listen to Your Photographer: We will be giving you some tips and tricks at the beginning of your session. We will ask you to use the mirror to check your hair and/or makeup one last time (take a close look as only you know best when you feel and look best!). We may also ask you to use “oil blot pads” on your nose, cheeks, and forehead before our shoot. We will give subtle directions on how to hold you body or take some slow breaths to relax into the shoot (we'll do it with you!).

Relax: You’re going to look great and you may even have some fun! Do what it takes to relax before shoot, whether that's listening to some of your favorite music, stretching and taking a walk, or doing some deep breathing.

We are here for you and cannot wait to make your next headshot experience the best one yet!


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