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Recap of Mini Branding Sessions

It's becoming an annual Owl's Iris Photography tradition to host my Branding Mini Sessions at the beginning of each new year. These are quick, 20 minute back-to-back photo sessions for entrepreneurs to get some fresh images for their social media pages, a refresh on website images, or perhaps a first time photoshoot.

Shoots this year were held at Abode VT in Burlington's South End. Juliet, owner of Abode, curated a few different spaces of her incredible store (go check it out if you haven't- Juliet also offers interior design services to spruce up your abode). I had 13 different women join throughout the day for their photoshoot. There was a business coach, two life coaches, a dietician, a realtor, two physical therapists, a masseuse, an acupuncturist, an interior designer, a jewelry maker, a florist, and even someone who just wanted to have professional images on hand just to have them. It was incredible! I got to meet so many new badass business owners and see some old friends.

A full length professional branding shoot can cost upwards of thousands of dollars, so I like to host this mini-session to break down that cost barrier for professional photography. If you're just started out on your entrepreneurial journey, there's a good chance you don't have as much capital on hand to spend on a full-blown branding session, or you haven't even considered needing high resolution professional images. I was there once too, and I totally get it! This is where the idea for these "down and dirty" sessions came from. I offer these sessions for $275 and it is a steal! Each session include:

  • a 20 minute "mini" photoshoot

  • a branding questionnaire so you can dial in your ideal client and reasons behind the shoot

  • a personalized Pinterest Board to help you find inspiration for the shoot

  • 15 final edited images back (and you get to choose them!)

Again, these are only offered once or twice a year while the larger and more involved packages are offered ALL YEAR! And did I mention these are a business expense and totally tax deductible! WIN WIN WIN!

Interested in learning more about branding sessions? Shoot me a message and we will find a time for a discovery call so I can learn about your brand and how I can be of help to you.


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