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Abby and Mark's Small Shelburne Wedding

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I realize that Abby and Mark's wedding was last in my queue for the season, and there are many other weddings to blog about, but sometimes summer just slips by you and you do other things besides blogging and all your older weddings have been backed-up and saved to your hard-drives, so the only way to combat this is to work backwards, which is what I'm going to be. PHEW!

I was contacted by Abby to shoot her small and intimate wedding with Mark at High Acres Farms located within the beautiful Shelburne Farms, in Shelburne, Vermont. They two of them have a close tie with High Acres Farms, and it was fitting for their thoughtful, small ceremony and celebration.

Only immediate family and some close friends were invited. I can't say enough how much being invited to be a part of these small celebrations means to me. I feel lo lucky to be trusted to be brought into these small groups to be a part of the memory and to capture ones along the way.

Abby & Mark were married by Abby's father, and it was the perfect touch to just how much this group came together for family! The ceremony was sweet, short, and so thoughtful, and also ended with Abby & Mark drinking out of the SAME CUP at the SAME TIME and of course, bubbles!

Last but not least, the beautiful setting and sun created for some amazing portraits, and Abby & Mark were down for it all. Congrats to these two beauties!

Venue: High Acres Farm, Shelburne VT

Catering: Let's Pretend Catering


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