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Babes on babes on babes

We are definitely living in a time where women are standing up and pulling together, helping each other out. From well, forever ago, we learn to pit each other against each other, to play each other, to outdo the other. There is this fierce competition between women, where it comes from is just like this innate thing you can't change, its instinctual. But with everything that has happening in the past few years, women are standing up and banding together with respect, sisterhood, and support.

In the last year, I've gotten to know some pretty bad ass ladies. Fearless, fun, caring, open, honest, adventurous; they've all got it all. And I've been lucky enough to be able to take some of their portraits. It's such an honor to have some trust with the way they want the world to see them portrayed. It can definitely be intimidating, but it's also exhilarating.

I wanted to share a few portraits I've taken this year of some badass ladies. They are brave, confident, and I am glad to have them all in my life. My brain isn't quite working well for words at the moment, so I'll just let the photos do the talkin'.



Kali & Alexandra








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