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Mother's Day with the Albaughs

It is *always* such a treat to work with my favorite Burlington family, the Albaughs, and was even more excited when Keegan reached out to me and wanted to organize a surprise Mother's Day shoot for his wife, Stephanie, and two amazing daughters, Coraline and Penny.

A few years ago I had posted Front Porch Forum about offering some photo mini-sessions in my neighborhood. I got an inquiry from the Albaughs to do a maternity/family session. And this is where is all began!

Since then, I have worked with these four amazing humans a bunch of times and it's been a joy every time. They are kind, generous, real, funny people. Coraline is the coolest kid I know and has some of the best facial expressions I've even seen! Penny is beyond adorable and loves her big sis. Keegan and Stephanie are so kind, patient, and supporting. I admire their loving family and whole heartedly love working with them!

We proceeded to have a lovely mini session on the morning of Mother's Day, complete with some flurries from Mother Nature herself. I chose to meet by the Burlington Skate Park, since there are some really cool urban settings, but you can also be right by the lake. Win win location!

What is a portrait session like? It always depends, especially with kids since you just never know! I tend to have a mental general structure that morphs as the shoot goes along. My mail objective is to capture the organic, natural moments, so I am always at the ready!

With any further delay, here are the photos from the shoot!

I mean, how much fun does it look like they are having?! And how much fun do you think I am having?! SO MUCH!!

Interesting in hearing more about booking a mini-session? Shoot me an email at I'd love to hear more!

Peace & Hugs,



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