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On the Flip Side

Most of the time while shooting for work, I am using my trusty Canon Mark III 5D, which is a dream. I love it to pieces, and it's done some amazing work for me. From real estate to products to weddings, this piece of equipment has got my back!

When I'm not shooting for work, I shoot primarily film. My connection to photography started here, and I find it so beneficial in my professional work. I slow down. I adjust myself. I wait for the right moment. Sometimes it's not there. Sometimes it is. I don't shoot for shootings sake. I don't "spray and pray" (which, btw, I think is a total cop out, even in the digital sense). I want my photographs to be taken with patience, with intention. Otherwise, what is the point?

Lupines on the Burlington Bike Path. Mamiya 645, Portra 400.

There is a depth to film I feel digital just cant quite touch, either. Maybe the medium format digital cameras (comparable to the price of a baller car, I might add). I think this is in part to the physical aspect of film. There is something to be exposed to, exposed on. Digital photography is just in the ether; it doesn't physically exist.

Maybe it's more of a meditative practice for me, but I love going out with my trust Canon AE-1 and waiting for an opportune moment. Some times it doesn't happen. Sometimes there's a million. It's the best exercise in self control and patience for me. Of course I want to get out there and take beautiful shots, but sometimes the setting or lighting or angle isn't right. It teaches me to accept what is and to just be.

The excitement I get when getting my film back from being processed in comparable to how I felt at Christmas as a kid. It may sound crazy, I know. But there is mystery, there is intrigue, there is so much energy when I get those rolls back! It totally exceeds the thrill of looking at photos even after a wedding (and that excitement level is THROUGH THE ROOF!).

You can see more of this colorful filmtastic work over at my other website, . Enjoy!


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