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Alyssa and Doug's Snowy Session

Once fall and winter rolls around, things get much quieter on the wedding photography front. It is a welcome break, but I definitely miss the adrenaline and excitement of the day, all the light, love and laughter and being able to provide my skills and expertise for the day.

However, it also means I am able to meet other clients and do shorter, and (almost in a way), more intimate shoots. There isn't the time line of a wedding day or the disruptions that some times go along with it.

The first shoot I had last weekend was with Alyssa and Doug who came up to Vermont to do some skiing at #SmugglersNotch. They contacted me and wanted to do a snowy, wintry, Vermont Photoshoot, so I suggested we go to #BoydenValleyFarm to have some photo fun!

They were troopers in the cold, and we had a great time chatting and getting to know each other. I asked Doug where he was from, and he said "Erie". I used to live in Western New York, kind of close to Erie, so I said "Oh, do you know Olean? I used to live there." And then the cosmic vibrations unraveled. Doug has cousins in the Olean area, and turns out I know his family and cousins. What a crazy world! Out of all the photographers they could have hired, they chose me, and turns out we have this random connection.

I love how in all the craziness and chaos of the world, these small serendipitous moments happen. I think it means a lot, and it helps me the remember that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I hope you can find some solace in knowing that, too.


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