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Rachel & Eric

I met Rachel & Eric forever ago when I was photographing Rachel's home in Winooski to be sold by the lovely Erin Dupuis (if you need to sell a home in Vermont, check her out. She is amazing at both her job and life!), now of Vermont Real Estate Company.

I got to chatting with Rachel, and she had heard of my business. Now, when you're just growing a business, you kind of put your head down and go with the grind to build your brand. I was so humbled when she said "Oh! You're Owl's Iris?!" It was such an amazing feeling that I had this name recognition. It also may be slightly embarrassing to admit this, but hey, gotta start somewhere.

Any who, I was so thrilled to see her name in my inbox about her upcoming wedding (dogs involved) at the Woodstock Inn. We met up for dinner at the Three Penny Tap room in Montpelier, and history was made!

I went out to their newly purchased home-stead-to-be last month to meet up and take some engagement photos with their adorable pack of pups. Working with couples like Rachel & Eric is an incredibly amazing experience; these two are kind, loving, loyal, and a whole lot of fun. They are who they are, they help each other out, and I love this about them. I feel these two are a true testament for what it means to be in a committed relationship together. i could tell all this by spending just a few hours a few times with them. I can not wait for their October wedding and can't wait to build our friendship!


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