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Top 20 of 2020: Wedding & Elopement Edition

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

2020. WOW. WHAT. A YEAR.

A year which was not at all what anyone had planned back on January 1st 2020. I remember being at my part time job in February and my boss saying, "Wow, we really need to watch what is going on in China" and kind of shrugging it off. I remember when things started to get serious in the US, and I had a business trip planned to Costa Rica. I remember talking to my parents about going; my mom said go, my dad said don't go. I went. I remember the fear and anxiety in not knowing what was going on as our government started closing the borders and cancelling flights. The journey to get the airport was long, scary, and seemed like a race against time. But I made it home safe and sound to a government shutdown and well, you know the rest.

I remember when the first of the wedding postponements and cancellations started coming in. It was heartbreaking. For my couples, for my, for my business, for the entire world. I remember getting 3 postponement emails in one day. Whew. That was heavy. But I knew that everyone, my couples, my colleagues, my friends and family, was also dealing with the collective trauma and challenges of this ambiguous virus.

But I also saw a lot of amazing things in 2020. I saw my couples (that's many of YOU beautiful people) adapt and create amazing small-scale weddings that were inventive and inspiring. Zahra and Kunal had a Pictionary-Riddle game planned for their guests. They had a bouncy house and lawn games. When it rained for Kelsey & Alex's wedding, they had backup games for their reception; think cards, Jenga, board games. Both of these couples had Ben & Jerry's come with their ice cream truck! I saw guests and staff being so respectful, wearing masks, socially distancing, and doing their part. It made my very proud to have such amazing couples, to live in this wonderful place of Vermont, and to be a part of the incredible community of Vermont Weddings.

I wanted to share my top 20 Images for 2020. This was so hard to choose! I had so many amazing couples, amazing families, amazing venues and moments, and sometimes it's hard to not get attached to an image. When making this list, I opted to only include images from weddings and elopements. Due to the nature of the year, I had time for SO MANY amazing portrait sessions this year. So keep an eye out; maybe I'll make a Top 20 of Portraits, too. And then maybe a Top 20 of Personal Work. Enjoy this collection, and have a a happy and healthy 2021!!



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